8 Things Successful Renters Do On KitMapper

For all you KitMapper kit renters out there, we really have to hand it to you. As the best website to rent kit whenever and wherever you need it, you play a vital role in our community for other filmmakers, creators, musicians, performers and the list goes on, to access kit for a price that won’t break the bank. When you rent on KitMapper, you’re not only just renting, but you are championing our brand and how our ecosystem is supposed to work.

Based on the title of this blog you may be wondering if we have a few tips that could help you rev-up the money making capability of our KitMapper for you. After gathering a lot of helpful data, we’ve made some conclusions that, in fact we’ve narrowed it down into the 8 things successful renters do on KitMapper. You can use our recommendations to help either get you started making revenue on our platform, or take it to the next level of your earning potential. 

Keep in mind that the more you follow the tips below, the more we’ll promote your gear, and the more rentals you’ll get!

1. Respond promptly to every request

How fast you respond is what we would call your  response rate. It’s always important to respond quickly to maintain your reputation as a renter. Even if something comes up and you can’t accept the rental, always let the renter know. The higher your response rate, the more rentals you’ll have and better name you’ll have in our community. If we notice someone in particular has a nice profile and is great with the renters, then we want to give them more visibility on our platform. 

2. Use original photos on your listing

Owners that include original photos of their gear instead of stock images get 3x more requests. It just looks genuine. Also when you include a few items in your listing that pair with the kit, it’s really helpful to present those items in your photos as well. Photos are a great way to present your brand as a creator and a rental resource. So get creative and make them look enticing! For photo inspiration check out KitMapper founder David’s profile.


3. Link to your KitMapper profile on your website

Linking to your KitMapper profile on your websites is a brilliant idea. It not only helps to build your reputation and but also gets you more rentals. It shows that you are serious about your gear, knowledgeable about the kit you have and passionate about supporting the community.  It also helps people already in your audience more easily rent kit from you, taking them straight to your rental page. Lastly it helps you keep your gear safe, since KitMapper sends your renters through our verification platform, we ensure there is a contract and insurance in place in case something goes wrong.  (more info on how our verification process read here). Listers linking to their equipment on KitMapper are getting hundreds of extra visits each month to their profules. This correlates with a higher than average rental request rate. Check out top KitSplit owner, Sam Baumel at Wood Metal Rocks for inspiration on affectively linking your KitSplit profile to your website:

4. Over-communicate and be on time

Make things extra easy for the renter.  When communicating with your renter, provide as much detail and helpful information as possible. Renters always appreciate information about what’s included with the kit, the state/condition of the gear, special tips and tricks on how to use the items, instructions on how to find your studio or pick-up and drop-off, etc.  Make sure the gear is ready and you are on time for the pick-up and drop-off. If you’re running late, definitely let the renter know and provide an estimated arrival time. Try to do this as early as possible. When you mess things up last minute, that sends a bad signal to the renter, and you should avoid that if you expect them to be a repeat renter.

Bonus tip: Message through KitMapper!  We built the messaging system to make it easy for you automatically communicate with your renter via the platform. 

5. Prep your gear before the renter arrives

Prep your gear for the renter before the renter actually gets to the pick-up point. Check that all items are present, working, if need be: all batteries are charged, all cards are cleared and formatted, all lenses are cleaned and items are packed neatly. That way you can double check if all of the items included in the rental are ready to go in good working order. This is an essential part of providing the best possible rental experience and getting a gleaming 5 star review.  

6. Share your KitMapper listings on social media

Sharing your KitMapper listings on social media helps to build your reputation as a owner and expert on your specific kit, getting you more rentals.  We’ve made it easy by including Facebook, Twitter and Email share buttons right on your gear listing (pictured below in the lower right-hand corner). But you can also always post to other platforms like Instagram, Reddit, Linkedin, etc, and we’d highly encourage you to do so. 


7. Build your street cred by completing your profile

The more info you add to your profile the better.  You want to show the KitMapper community that you’re a thriving creator with amazing gear that they won’t find anywhere else. Tell them about yourself. Get creative. Brag a bit. Share something exciting. The more they know the more eager they’ll be to rent from you. Particularly if you don’t have any reviews yet, request references from colleagues to show renters that you are experienced and trustworthy, or even better yet, ask them to rent from you so that they can see the entire rental process as well. 

8. Accept as many rentals as possible on KitMapper

It’s all a game of numbers. The more rentals you accept the more ratings and reviews you’ll get and the more you can build your cred on KitMapper. We prioritise listings with higher acceptance rates. If you are consistently renting out kit, you treat the renters well and are getting gleaming reviews, then there would be no reason for us not to put your listings on show. 

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