9 Women On KitMapper We Want To Brag About


As March comes to a close, we want to thank all of the women who shared their wonderful stories and work with us. Our goal was to encourage other women to shout about their accomplishments through our social channels.

Not only did we see people engaging online, but we received many heartfelt emails thanking KitMapper for speaking up for our users. Our continuous ask from you, as the community, is that we would keep building on the momentum gained from International Women’s Day and the month of March. Together we can further impact the networks we are involved in, and bond through our love to create work and share kit.

Thank you to all of the 9 women who allowed us to shine a light on their passion. Here’s to you.

Kamila. Photographer and filmmaker. @bitruts


Lindsey. Videographer.


Melanie. Visual artist and photographer.


Julie. Artist and Curator.


Laura. Painter with a diverse practice.


Lou. Co-founder of @Yardstick_Films.


Gina. The founder and creative director of @ginamelosijewellery.


Sana. Filmmaker.


C.C. Producer, writer and performer.

All of these women are pursuing what makes them wake up excited in the morning. We can all learn a bit from their hard work and tenacity for not taking no for an answer in the face of challenges.

This is not the end. There is no reason for us to stop these features. Keep sharing your stories with us, and tell us about others we can reach out to. We want to keep bragging about you.

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