Calling All Emerging Artists – arebyte Gallery Open Call

One of our partners, arebyte Gallery, is accepting applications for their UK graduate development scheme, hotel generation. ​  

Focused on nurturing the best new talents across emerging media from outside London, hotel generation ’18, is designed to open up new pathways to equip the next generation of Artists outside of London. The first programme of its kind in the UK, arebyte Gallery has heard the Artist voices from differing regions asking for help to develop sustainable careers.

This Spring, the curatorial team at arebyte Gallery are shortlisting four participants for their programme. They are interested in Artists who show promise and have a commitment to developing their practice. As a university graduate, arebye is providing the perfect opportunity to get a sense for the London art scene, without the risk of navigating it alone. 

A word from the Curator, Rebecca Edwards

“hotel generation started out as an exhibition series in our temporary Clerkenwell gallery, arebyteLASER, offering artists their first exhibition in London. We’re building on this with hotel generation ’18, an opportunity for young artists to gain professional insight, financial investment and guidance, which are often lacking after graduating art school or university. In seeking proposals from specifically outside of London we’re acknowledging the abundance of talent throughout the UK, and hoping to address the dearth of non-capital open call opportunities. We also haven’t seen many opportunities specifically for young artists, which means hotel generation ’18 will act as an alternative form of professional education, allowing emerging artists to maintain the momentum of their studies while exposing offering exposure to London art scene with their own exhibition.”

The Heavens (2017),Tom Ireland, hotel generation ‘17, arebyte Gallery

If you are interested in new opportunities and potential collaborations to further gain experience, this is the program for you. Don’t miss out on this chance to accelerate your career in emerging and digital media.

Here is a list of criteria you will need to meet in order to apply:
– be aged 26 or under
– make work using emerging and digital media
– be a maximum of two years from graduating a UK University located outside of
London (BA, MA or equivalent)
– be living in the UK but outside of London (at the time of application)

The deadline is fast approaching. All submissions need to be in by March 29th. 

Find out more by going to their website here


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