Calling All Musicians! November Is For You

We’ve decided to keep moving upwards and onwards with our growth plan. Music industry, we’re coming! 

KitMapper has had close ties with the art world since it’s launch in January. We’ve continued to broadcast our website as one that would facilitate that community; however, we’ve decided it’s time to turn our attention back to our growth plan and focus on the music industry!

We’ve noticed that the music community has the same pains. Artists need kit for gigs, recording sessions and events, but may not have accessibility to it. If they do, it’s at a high price and on not-so-flexible terms. Then the other alternative is to buy the equipment. But again audio, DJ and sound equipment is expensive.

This is where you come in

Together we can inspire artists by supplying the kit they need to produce music.

So we are opening the gates. You’re now free to list the kit you’ve been keeping on-hold in hopes that we would crossover into the music industry. Please tell your friends, and other artists you come into contact with about the site and how affordable and flexible KitMapper is. Plus, like you, they can earn some extra cash on the side as well by renting out their sound equipment.

For the duration of November, we will be focusing our messaging around this theme. Companies are starting to approach us trying to source sound equipment to rent for their parties during the Christmas season. These next couple months are a huge time for events that could earn you some good cash before the holidays.

Why not get your kit listed right away!? Here’s a list that might be helpful for you to get an idea of what is needed. 

Items we’d be happy to see listed:

  • PA Systems: speakers, monitors, subwoofers, power amps, speaker stands, speaker cables
  • Microphones: vocal mics, instrument mics, condenser mics, mic stands, mic cables
  • Signal Processors: compressors, crossovers, effects, EQ, gates, vocal processors
  • Others: mixers, DJ controllers, decks, MIDI controllers, keyboards, synths, all connecting cables, even guitar pedals.

If you feel there is something you have that might be good for the site, and people would want to rent, then drop us a line. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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