How to DIY your wedding photography

Weddings are a time of love and joy, however, the tag attached to it can create stress and heartache. One of the areas which usually requires a big chunk of your budget is hiring a professional photographer. If you’re thinking what’s the alternative, can I really DIY my wedding photography? We say, yes. Yes you can, and you will be stunned at how much money you could save.

We’ve selected kit you can hire to create the perfect wedding album. The most important piece of kit you will require is a camera. We suggest using Canon’s(unless you’re familiar with more professional kit).




The Canon E0S 5D is very simple and easy to use therefore ideal for beginners. We picked a Canon 5D with kit, priced at £70 per day – which we think is right for you. It includes a Canon 28mm f1.8 lens, Canon 50mm f1.8lens, Canon 70–200 f2.8 IS, Flash Canon 430EX ii 32+32+16 CF cards 4 Batteries Battery charger Camera strap Canon 70–200 bag.

The camera with kit (on the right i)s a Canon EOS 7D MK2, unlike the older models a Canon 7D has autofocus which is great for filming videos. The camera has a manual mode in video and records in HD which is great if you’re looking to film the walk down the isle. This Canon 7D costs £40 per day and comes with 5 Batteries, a Card reader, two CF Cards, three lenses 50mm, 1.8–10-18mm and 18–135mm, two chargers.




Using natural light is ideal for taking photographs. However, it may not always be possible to have natural lighting to work with, particularly on gloomy or rainy days – this is where a lighting set will save your day! You can hire this PhotoGeeks Studio lighting set which contains everything you will need from a bbackdropto lightboxes with very bright light bulbs to an 80 cm 5 in one reflector, all in the same carry bag. You can hire the whole set for £20 per day!




There are a few nifty pieces of kit such as a tripod that are a must-have to make your shoot easier. It is a handy tool that will help keep the camera steady and will allow you to take sharper pictures from only £15 per day.



Using lenses is a great way of improving the quality of your images, more specifically using fixed lenses works a treat as you don’t have to worry about zooming in or out. Although this means more movement from the photographer, pancake lenses let in floods of light which is great for taking bright pictures! You can either choose the cameras that come with kit or if you have the Canon camera body you can hire lenses for as low as £13 per day. They’re compact and lightweight, get shooting!


If you’re looking to do something a little fun and different, we recommend using a GoPro which you can hire for £13 per day. It will allow you to capture the walk down the isle or the ‘getting ready shots’ by passing it around the group whilst makeup and hair is getting done! The Gopro will give you unlimited options of angles to capture.


Polariod cameras

Lastly, you can take a step back and allow your wedding guests to participate in taking the images. Hire a Polaroid camera from £30 per day and you can get a hold of the prints immediately. Set up a table with props to make a mini booth guests can have fun with or set up a camera near your wedding gift table so guests can snap away whilst your busy with your wedding day. You will not regret this DIY hack!


Our top tip would be to find a distant relative of a friend or a photography student to take the photographs unless you have a close relative with a passion for photography. To bring the shoot together get a subscription to Adobe Photoshop and get editing. That’s your DIY wedding photography done! If you’re looking for similar products or would like other recommendations visit KitMapper.



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