A Farewell To Peer-to-Peer Rentals

Saying goodbye is never easy, but sometimes necessary. We bid farewell to our peer-to-peer rental service, and give a warm welcome to our expanding production and installation services. 

We founded KitMapper as a reaction to the unsustainable environment the creative industry had become. Some of us were in studios about to be priced out, others about to sell off their kit just to pay the bills. With ever-increasing living costs and limited access to equipment, traditional models of ownership and rental were failing us.

We felt compelled to change this and by rethinking our relationship to the equipment rental industry, we created KitMapper. By providing networked, peer-to-peer access to kit and knowledge, we solved the problem of affordable kit rental, enabling us to keep living and creating, whilst benefiting our community and hopefully provoking broader change within our industry.

KitMapper has provided its users with all manner of kit for every conceivable project. The platform has facilitated countless creative endeavours and helped forge stronger connections between like-minded individuals, bringing together a great community of creatives and friends who we’ve had the honour to support and be supported by.

Our role and responsibility as providers and facilitators of creative projects has progressed through time, towards the production of events and installations. As an organisation founded and led primarily by creative practitioners, designers and technicians, we feel this is the best use of our skills and expertise.

As the has platform developed, so has the rental industry. We are pleased to say it now offers much greater choice and access to equipment and resources than ever before. This is something we’ve been proud to have helped instigate and now feels like the right time to re-evaluate what we do.

After much consideration, the decision has been made to discontinue the peer-to-peer rental side of KitMapper. This wasnt an easy decision to make. We’re really proud of what we created and have learnt a lot on this journey but the model isn’t sustainable in the long term.

Whilst we’re sad about the closure of the peer-to-peer rental element of KitMapper we are excited to continue expanding our production and installation services.

We would like to thank all of our rental community for their involvement. If you’d like to contact us about your next project, exhibition, installation or event, please get in touch at Dave@kitmapper.com. We hope to continue working with you.

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