Founder Q&A — How Did KitMapper Start?

How did KitMapper Start

Born out of a studio, Dave shares how KitMapper was realised as a way to help Artists in London just like himself.

Like many of you, KitMapper began with a search for kit to complete a project. The same problem Dave solved for himself, began the process of putting together individuals with a similar equipment related needs.

Before KitMapper

Rental houses are expensive, work only around their 9am–5pm schedule, and don’t have niche equipment or wet hires.

This provides a problem.

  1. Getting across London: sourcing all of the kit you need for a shoot.
  2. The time crunch: it’s unlikely you’ll need to be a registered company and provide the rental house with your own insurance to cover damages.
  3. Not finding what you need: you end up sacrificing on your storytelling capability because you have to go without kit you really wanted for your production.

With KitMapper

The growing need for affordable options was apparent. The cost of studio prices, resources, travel, even housing doesn’t leave much room for an Artist’s work. Dave knew, KitMapper as an online platform, had to be just as dedicated to your production or show as you are.

We provide the kit hire solution:

  1. Our Kit Listers are all over London, and we’ll find the closest piece of kit to your location.
  2. We don’t have a closing time, you can hire kit 24/7.
  3. We provide The KitMapper Guarantee to every user hiring kit. If you don’t have insurance or a registered company it’s not a problem, simply get Verified as a user.
  4. Our kit inventory is ever growing with some of the most popular and niche equipment you can get your hands on.

These are just a few of the benefits you’ll find hiring from a company that was designed by creatives for creatives. KitMapper is much more than just another rental house. We want to help Artists build their name and network within the industry.

You can find-out more about our background in Forbes article about KitMapper below.

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