Founder Q&A — What is Dave’s Favourite KitMapper Moment?

Lights, camera, action. It didn’t actually happen like that. A lot of sweat, kit and code went into KitMapper’s early stages. Watch as Dave shares his favourite KitMapper moment.

If you’ve ever created a project from scratch, which I would say a good majority of our community has, then you’ll resonate with our Founder Dave when he talks about his favourite KitMapper moments.

Bringing the Site to Life

Ready, set, go. We wish it were that simple. The many coffee dates, brainstorming sessions, and hackathons culminated into one robust website.

However, more work was yet to be done. We had to show people that KitMapper was a no-brainer when sourcing kit.

Seeing the First Users on KitMapper

Then it happened, we had sign-ups, mostly people we knew. It was a start. A successful start, I might add. Although, there was still something we needed to know.

If you’ve ever read The Mom Test by Rob Fitzpatrick, you know that asking your friends, let alone your mom if your product will fly, won’t always hold true in the long run.




We tested it. Literally validated in-front of your eyes, two users from outside our network found KitMapper and connected. That’s when we knew there would be a lot of projects that our team would have the pleasure of introducing into the world.

Whilst our Moms and our friends still liked the idea. The next step wasn’t going to be as easy, relatively speaking.


Our Contract of Trust

From the get-go our goal was first and foremost to provide peace of mind to our community. We needed the right insurance provider that would more than suffice for both Renters and Listers. We searched day and night, had meetings upon meetings, and revised the T&Cs a countless number of times.

When The KitMapper Guarantee was finally released, we were so proud of the hard work our brilliant team put forth.

With the help of each individual who is behind the KitMapper platform, we’ve made something more than special to so many in London, and throughout the UK. As we continue to grow, our user-focus will always be paramount to anything else thrown our way.

What’s your favourite KitMapper moment? Why not share them in the comments below?

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