GoPro Starter Kit Giveaway

We’ve got an enticing offer running this October that could earn you money and add a valuable kit to your collection. It’s just the type of win-win situation you’ve been waiting for.

Looking for something to do with the photo and video equipment taking up space in your spare room? We want YOU to list your kit on KitMapper. There’s no reason to leave it sitting around when you could be renting it to artists who need it and making money. To reel you in, we thought a giveaway would be the most enticing option.

For the month of October ONLY we’re throwing you a bone by doing a GoPro Starter Kit Giveaway.

The way the giveaway works is simple. You have 31 days to upload as many bits of equipment to your KitMapper profile as possible. Each piece of kit will earn you an entry ticket.


That means you’ve got 3x the chance of being selected to take home the prize.

The catch is, there is no catch. Please upload only your own high-resolution images of the kit to the site. This helps ensure that you have the best possible chance of hiring your equipment out.

Start-time: October 1, 2016 00:00am

Deadline: October 31st, 2016 23:59pm

About the Prize

One lucky winner will have the pleasure of receiving GoPro Starter Kit including a: GoPro Hero4 Session Action Camera, Deyard ZG-634 GoPro Accessory Kit, and a SanDisk Extreme 32GB microSDHC.

Total value: £211.78


  • For every item uploaded to KitMapper, you get one entry into the prize drawing.
  • Each bit of kit has to be valued at £15 or above.
  • Your own original pictures must be used. Entries will not be submitted for those who upload stock photos.
  • Accurate descriptions, tags, and rental information have to be included on each submission.
  • It is at our discretion to disqualify anyone from the giveaway if deemed a counterfeit.

*For any other questions contact us at

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