GoProGiveaway Winner: Sound Disposition

We’re always impressed when we talk to people amongst the KitMapper Community about what inspires them or their work. Through the Giveaway, we were able to connect with Sound Disposition and hear a little more about who they are.


We were thrilled to catch-up with Roland Heap, founder of Sound Disposition, for a brief interview. Located across the Thames from us, their studio is housed in a peculiar old building in Tottenham Hale. There they have built a pretty cool suite of rooms, including a mix theatre, pre-mixing rooms, and a foley space.

Sound Disposition was founded in 2008, and in the years since it has provided top quality sound post-production for more than 100 feature films, plus short and corporate films, television, and virtual reality projects. They love working with innovative directors and creators to find new ways of using sound to move audiences.

We asked them a couple of questions we thought you’d be interested in knowing about them.

  1. What does Sound Disposition do?

We are a boutique sound post-production facility, providing: sound design, foley, ADR, VO, dialogue editing and mixing for feature films, TV, VR, short films and games. We specialise in independent film and working with filmmakers. We love projects which give us the freedom to be creative.

2. What have been a few of your favourite projects and why?

In general the feature films are the most exciting, as you really get to immerse yourself in them! Amongst the best ones we’ve done have been Shadow Dancer, A Single Shot, The Sweeney, Pusher, Kill Command, Waiting…, the list goes on. We’ve just completed a very cool film for Netflix called iBoy which you’ll be able to see later this year. We also have some very cool virtual reality projects coming up soon which is an area I find fascinating.


3. How did you find yourself in the Sound Post Production industry?

I (Roland — the founder) began my career working at a large recording studio, mainly working on film scores. The hours were so punishing that after a few years I was feeling pretty burnt out. I then packed-up and left to go to India to record location sound on a feature film, which turned into a year-long adventure. When I came back, I worked freelance for awhile on a range of film projects and did a range of sound jobs including some music, some location and some post-production. In 2008, myself and two other engineers thought it might be a good idea to start a company, and that company eventually became Sound Disposition.

4. What piece of kit do you find that you use the most?

The ears, and then the heart. And then Avid Pro Tools. 🙂

5. What kind of equipment do you have at the studio which could be useful for the KitMapper Community?

Over the last few years we’ve built up a huge range of equipment for location sound recording and creative sound design which we’ll be listing on KitMapper over the coming weeks and months. Keep an eye out!


If you’d like to get involved with what Sound Disposition is doing, find out more on their website.

We’re proud to have such a good representation of the film industry on our site. If you’re in need of some wireless microphones, lavaliers or booms, why not check out Sound Disposition’s profile on KitMapper to secure their kit for your project.

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