“I think peer-to-peer is the future of kit hire”

We caught up with one of our Listers about his destined journey into filmmaking and his thoughts on KitMapper.

Listers on KitMapper are primarily professionals from the creative community; they carry with them remarkable stories and tales of incredible projects which become an inspiration to others looking to break into the creative industry.

One of those users is Sam Sapin, a filmmaker who moved to London four years ago. He was born and raised in Northern England by American parents and came from a family of creatives, including filmmakers. His eventual stumble towards storytelling was inevitable. However, he didn’t see it coming.

                              UK on the left and a picture from a UN shoot in Africa on the right


How did you get into filmmaking?

I went to university in New York City, worked there for a short spell then invested in my first camera kit (which is probably bested by most phones these days). I wanted to travel and make films but didn’t have enough experience to get a broadcast commission.

I made a short indie doc about pro video gamers in South Korea with a friend and we sold it to Al Jazeera English. In the 10+ years following I’ve made a number of films for lots of different broadcasters around the world including VICE News, Al Jazeera English and BBC.

What was your most recent project?

I just finished shooting an hour-long documentary for Al Jazeera about Obama’s legacy. I’ve done a lot of documentaries, some promo’s, music videos and many more. I’m keen to try some fiction projects soon too. I’m always on the lookout for collaborators!

How did you hear about KitMapper?

My roommate is a curator and knew of KitMapper through her arty connections. She had shown it to me a while ago, then I only remembered the original connection after joining.

What do you enjoy about using the site?

KitMapper has massive potential. I think peer-to-peer is the future of kit hire. There’s something simultaneously future forward about the tech side but also has kind of a traditional vibe of sharing resources. I think it has massive legs — like a Tour de France cyclist!

What are your favourite items Listed on KitMapper?



Which one of your listings is the most popular?

The h2 Pilotfly gimbal isn’t currently available for rent anywhere else in London! (I know because I tried for a last minute shoot before I bought one). The smooth Steadicam look in such a compact, easy to use literally single handed setup is a massive production value boost, and affordable!


Lastly, what do you do when you’re not filming?

I’ve been trying to take advantage of London more recently, going to more screenings and events, exploring the less cringey side of networking. I’ve also started life drawing again recently which is fun!

You can out more about Sam Sapin’s work by visitingwww.samsapin.com.

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