The Kit List: September’s Success Stories

Peckham Festival with KitMapper

Last month KitMapper was proud to support a diversity of projects. Whether we were frequenting the art shows, or sending kit to users across London, we enjoyed every minute of it.

It’s important to give credit where it is due. On that note, here is a recap of just a few exceptional works we supplied pieces of equipment for that might strike your fancy.

At Peckham festivalNina Smale displayed, ‘Insiders and Outsiders’ by on one a 41″ Sony flatscreen. This body of work is a series of short films and photographs giving people a glance into the shops they would ordinarily be unfamiliar with, or anxious to enter.


Alexis Milne was able to meet-up with Dave to rent a Wireless Mic System. On this special occasion EVTV, AKA Alexis Milne, AKA Scrabulous Anomaly In the Re-write Department presented: The Submerged Kid version 0.1 at Studio RCA Riverlight (Battersea Barge) as part of Chooc Ly Tan’s Disobey to the Dance of Time Exhibition, September 2016.

Slate Projects exhibition ‘The National or the Skip’ curated by Alex Meurice and Matt Mottahedan used two tv’s to show the marvellous work of Neïl Beloufa, Kempinski, 2007–16.


Lea Nagano produced a stimulating live music projection mapping and animation visual for The PAPARAZZI CITY’s song, “HELLO Do Be Do” presented at Trafalgar Square and University Art of London, which was made possible by a fellow KitMapper Jake and his projector.


Jack Barraclough used a green screen from Rachel to shoot a music video for band Ravioli Me Away — ‘Goblin Town’. The video is a mix of live action filmed around London, and some studio footage mixed with animation. In the video the band are getting shown around various places by a mysterious and sleazy estate agent who wears roller blades. The full video will be released late October.

If you’ve got an event coming up, let us know. We’d be happy to attend, and supply some photo/audiovisual equipment while we’re at it.

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