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Back for our second week, we’ve been inspired by 3 Artists who did a project in conjunction with the Royal Academy of Arts.

You’ve guessed it. We’re delving into the world of VR. This might look to you like an ordinary HTC Vive, however it’s not just that.

In January, a group of 3 Artists, Adham Faramawy (RA Alumni), Elliot Dodd (RA Alumni) and Jessy Jetpacks (Final Year), showcased the never before seen exhibition, Virtually Real at the Royal Academy of Arts.

The installation provided a dichotomy with the physical and virtual, allowing visitors to interact with the first ever 3-D printed artwork created in virtual reality, but also allowed you to create 3-D works of your own. Freely moving throughout the exhibition visitors were also able to see the Artists’ creative process from beginning to end.

More from Adham Faramawy, Elliot Dodd and Jessy Jetpacks on what it’s like to work with virtual reality softwares like Kodon and Tilt Brush by Google.


If you are interested in trying your hand at creating a virtual world, or just wanting to do some Museum produced walk-throughs, you can now stream 3-D imagery of the Dulwich Picture Gallery in London, BOZAR in Brussels, and the Robben Island Museum in Cape Town

How do I rent the HTC Vive?

Barry, an Animation and Live Action Director based out of E2 London, will rent his HTC Vive to you for only £70 per day with all accessories included.

The easiest way to try out the HTC Vive is by following this link.

Thanks Barry for adding your Kit! You can see the different bits of kit Barry has posted on his KitMapper profile here.

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