Kit Pick of the Week – IDS Universal Dolly

Handholding will be a thing of the past for you after getting ahold of this IDS Universal Dolly.

Every videographer knows the impact of a dolly shot. But if you don’t have the budget, then you’re left with your own creativity to try and achieve a smooth transition effect.

The Indy-Dolly System Universal Dolly was designed to be an affordable option that didn’t sacrifice quality. The dolly performs like a pro.

It’s important to note that the platform is compatible for almost any tripod, but works best with those using dual-spiked feet. You can either use a straight and curved track, and the Indy-Dolly is designed to be on flat surfaces, which is something to take into consideration depending on your shooting location. But it should be fine as long the terrain isn’t too choppy.


How do I hire this Kit?

The best news is that you can hire this Indy-Dolly from Will, a freelance D.O.P. in Surrey for only £40 a day.

The easiest way to get this dolly system for your next shoot is follow this link.

Thanks Will for adding your kit! You can see the rest of Jeremy’s kit listings on his KitMapperprofile here.

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