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Hassleblad Medium Format Camera

This week we are talking Medium Format Cameras. Greater dynamic range, more tonal and colour accuracy, and high resolution sensors, what’s not to love?

Medium format cameras are regarded highly in the KitMapper collection of kit. When we talk to photographers about their shoots, most often the conversation will lend itself to talking about a Hasselblad. You just can’t get the perfection of a medium format camera with your DSLR. 

Where most sensor manufacturers are compromising on using micro lenses because it is cheaper and maximises on light sensitivity, what some consumers don’t realise is they are also compromising the dynamic range and colour accuracy, which isn’t so with the Hasselblad. 

If you’re needing image quality that is incomparable, hiring a medium format camera for your high profile client is a must. The Hasselblad is ideal for product, fashion and portrait photography when you have time to compose each shot. 

Hassleblad Screen

How do I hire this Hasselblad H1 & P25 Phase One H101 Medium Format Camera?

Andrey is based out of W4 in London and will rent out his Hasselblad H1 Medium Format Camera & P25 Phase One H101 Digital Back for £39 per day.

For a 22MP sensor and native ISO 50, Andrey is making the Hasselblad an affordable hire. The camera comes with the works: a 16GB CF card, a battery and battery grip, as well as a tether firewire cable, complete for a studio shoot.

To hire this piece of kit from Andrey head to his KitMapper profile. Thanks Andrey for adding a set of Hasselblads for our KitMapper Community to hire!

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