KitMapper April to May Partnerships

At KitMapper HQ we are soaking in the summer sun. We’ve been busy with creative festivals such as Photo London, Peckham 24, Night at The Museum, Degree shows and many more.

These last two months KitMapper has had the pleasure of exploring new projects, artists, emerging student creatives and much more. We wanted to share a few projects that KitMapper supported in April and May, from Degree Show collaborations to Bloggers events, it was a great ride!

We provided flatscreen TVs each playing on a loop throughout the show for Xhibit 2017, Xhibit showcases the best-emerging creatives from UAL.
                                                            Work by photographer Ralph Overill.
                                                         Work by photographer Ralph Overill.
KitMapper created an immersive multi-platform video projection of photographer Sohrab Hura’s ‘The Lost Head and the Bird’, curated by Iona Fergusson in collaboration with Wendy Marijnissen.
We provided kit filming kit and a microphone for Rosalind Shimmen Communication blogger event. KitMapper also created a short video of the event.


We would like to thank Kim Thornton, Iona Fergusson, Rosalind Shimmen for making the collaborations possible. We look forward to working together on many more great projects.

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