KitMapper collaborates — January to March

At KitMapper we are always keen to get involved in projects by the creative community, supporting artists and creatives has given us opportunities to be part of many events and exhibitions.

We have had a great start to 2017, with a constant stream of new joiners signing up, listing and renting. We have even had the honour of providing some consultancy support on exciting events hosted by KitMapper users.

These are some of the recent projects KitMapper has supported.

KitMapper provided two short throw projectors and a set of active speakers for Sebastian Kite’s amazing We will Meet Where There is No Darkness at South Kiosk.
We provided 10 flat screen TV’s and media players, each playing a film on a loop throughout the exhibition for Edeline Lee’s London Fashion Week display at the iconic Barge House on South Bank.
KitMapper was pleased to collaborate on an immersive cinema space for Space Dimension Controller.
We provided a short throw projector, audio kit and built a rear projection screen at Rye Wax.

We would like to thank Sebastian Kite, Joe Coghill working with SDC, and Edeline Lee for making the collaborations possible. We look forward to working together on many great projects.

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