KitMapper GoPro Giveaway Winner!

We have selected our GoPro Giveaway winner! The KitMapper team caught up with the lucky winner Fraser Hawkshaw, a freelance amateur photographer and videographer.

We were more than eager to find out a little bit more about him, his work, what kit he uses, and his thoughts on KitMapper!

Fraser like many creatives didn’t stick to the traditional route of education, he studied Photography and media in college but felt his love for the course was fading. As a result, he decided to skip studying the subject at University, to pursue his dreams of having a career in photography and videography.


When did you realise you wanted to be a photographer/videographer?

I found my love for photography and videography in college but I found my love for it through my own learning. The college used to set me up with clients in the area that wanted videos edited or filmed and we got 5 or 6 of these projects one of which involved us again being in London filming an Expo for this company. But the class work was dragging my love for it out of me. So when I left college I decided keeping videography as my hobby and doing freelance jobs is for me.


What was your most recent project?

One of my most recent projects was for a company known as Kujabi Foods and they required a Kickstarter promotional video about a new sauce they were bringing out. We based the video in Central London and we walked around some African markets as this new sauce contained West African Scotch Bonnet peppers. Filming this video was defiantly the most fun I also had the chance to play with a Sony A7R because of its high video frame rates. The video was also prepared very nicely, with shot lists and locations. And I felt like the day went smoothly with the minimum stress.



What kit do you use the most for your work?

Whenever I film for clients I tend to hire cameras to use. The first time I hired equipment was for a family members wedding video, they hired me Canon 5d Mark ii, camera battery grip, Manfrotto fluid head tripod the whole deal. My favourite piece of kit that I have used and that I might purchase one day is the Sony A7R, very nice lightweight build, high frames rates, 4K, 4 way stabilisation.



What pieces of kit would you find useful on KitMapper?

I make great use out of DSLR cameras but I do also like the idea of feature film professional equipment and what kind of incredible footage you could capture with a Red camera and a DJI Ronin. One day when my budget is a little bigger I’ll have to test them out!


What do you like about KitMapper?

Renting from KitMapper is not only extremely cheap but you can also find rentals in your area and get your camera the same hour if one of your projects have fallen through and you need a camera asap. There is also a large range of professional camera equipment to choose from if you’re planning on filming a feature movie KitMapper is the place for you. I can’t wait to hire my equipment from KitMapper when my next project comes up.

What are you excited to capture with your GoPro?

Very excited to receive my new GoPro, I’m definitely going to be uploading more to my YouTube channel using it for some wide angle Vlogging, I’m also big into cycling so I’ll have to get it mounted on my push bike and I’m also looking to take some trips abroad this Summer so my new GoPro will be coming along!

Where can we find your work? Do you have any other work/projects coming up we can keep an eye out for?

I have owned a YouTube channel for a few years which has been for my personal use and Vlogs, and I’m also putting together a blog of my own with a portfolio of all of my work and some background information as I am a freelancer open for hire.

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