KitMapper Staff Picks

We’re back again with our 2nd Staff Picks blog of the year. This week we bring to you a special list of kit I’ve asked our team to shoutout that they love on the site.

When you’ve found a good thing, there’s often reason to circle around another time. This month we wanted to give you an update on the latest and greatest that KitMapper has to offer. Obviously, we have a huge selection of varying categories of kit, but that would be an infinite list. So, we decided to give you a little bite size this month of some equipment you can get excited about too.

Have a look, try them out, and let us know what you think!


1. Titla Nucleus Wireless Follow Focus

Steve — £75 per day. A wireless follow focus is such a no brainer for those of you that usually do multi cam shoots. Tracking your subject and keeping them in focus, whilst having your hands on the gimbal just works like magic. At £75 per day you’ll be so glad you rented out this focus kit.


2. Fuji GX680

Philipp— £30 per dayWith incredible image quality, colour and great dynamic range, we chose this medium format camera because of the nostalgia film brings us. We just want you to experience the same. Philipp has listed this beautiful camera for only £30 per day.


3. Sennheiser Wireless Lapel Mic

Peter — £44 per dayAs a team we’ve all had to use lapel mics for various shoots. There’s nothing better than getting pristine sound from your subject, and not having to reshoot because you can’t make out what they are saying. Lapels should be a necessity for every shoot. Only £44 per day, and you get 3 lapel mics. That’s what we call a good deal.


4. M-Audio USB 2-Channel Audio Interface

Jen — £5 per dayFor some home recording this USB audio interface is an easy plug and play system. Compatible with most DAWs, it’s a super convenient setup. At £5 per day, Jen has really priced this so that it’s easy for you to record a few tracks over the weekend.


5. ITC Special Effects Amplifier

David — £30 a dayMix video sources together to create the perfect set. The team is heavily involved with AV installations. Needless to say, you’ll want this video mixer for your next exhibition. David has listed his ITC video mixer for a reasonably low price.

That concludes this month’s Staff Kit Pics! We’ll be back next month to give you our latest favourites.

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