KitMapper’s Project Picks: Artist Works

Since launching KitMapper, we’ve loved seeing the projects that have arisen thanks to users sharing their equipment on the site — from gigs and film shoots to innovative artworks.

In homage to the scope and ambition of the KitMapper community, we’ll be putting your work in the spotlight and writing about our favourite projects realised via KitMapper.

First up is our selection of five artist projects and recent gallery shows.

KitMapper users provided lighting for a new work in progress by Verity Birt.
Flatscreen for Yu Ji (于吉), Pataauw Stone, 2015. From the exhibition ‘With Institutions Like These…’ curated by Alex Meurice and Victor Wang
CRT displays for Nicholas Johnson’s Kew Lotus, Black Mirror, 2015, which was exhibited at the Averard Hotel for the exhibition Black Light, in February 2016
A new performance by Sarah Duffy that took place at ‘Hello You’, an event curated by Amy McKenny and John Hannon at TAP in Southend-on-sea. Shot using a Sony A7s from KitMapper. Camera work by Steve Porter, Photo by Niki Cornish.
Our listers helped provide exhibition monitors forDarae Baek’s installation as part of Xhibit exhibit 2016 at UAL Showroom, Holborn. On display from 14th April until 3rd July.

Thanks to KitMapper users CraigSarahTenderpixel and Adam for helping realise these projects. I also had a chance to rent out my kit!

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