#KitMapperSpreadsLove: Contest Winner

Our February campaign focused on the positive as we stepped into the new year. In KitMapper style, we set up a competition looking for an image that represented love and kindness.

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition. Most, if not all the photo entries were brilliant!

With great pleasure, we would like to announce that Samantha, a blogger from South West England has won the new 18” Neewer Ringlight with white and orange filters.

                                                   Samantha’s daughter on the last day of school

Samantha shared an image that pulled the heartstrings of the KitMapper team. The capture shows a moment of her daughter and her daughter’s best friend, holding onto each other on the last year of school together. It’s a moment most of us have experienced when parting from our dearest friends to take on new adventures.

It doesn’t stop there because we received so many great submissions, we had to share the two runner-up’s Ciera and Rosie Baker’s wedding entries.

Ciera shared an image of a moment that changed her life. Her best friend of two years decided he wanted to be more than just friends by proposing to her on the night captured.

                                                        Ciera and her best friend proposing to her

The third image is one that celebrates love, family, friendships and kindness and new beginnings. Rosie shared an image of her friends getting married on a beach with all their loved ones.

To find out more about KitMapper or to be in a chance to enter our future competition visit www.kitmapper.com.

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