How a London studio is creating eco-friendly photography


One of the many benefits of being a peer-to-peer rental platform is how environmentally friendly KitMapper is. Renting photographic and AV kit from creatives near you not only reduces carbon foot-print, being part of the sharing economy means we are creating less waste and consuming less energy. We believe everyone can make a difference to mother earth if we take small steps take care of our planet for our communities and generations to come.


When Green Lens Studio approached KitMapper looking to hire a Canon EF 24–70mm F2. 8  and we found that they shared our beliefs of taking care of our planet. We had met with their founder Evgeny Kazannik and asked him a few questions. They are the UK’s first environmentally sustainable photography studio, with earth-friendly operating principles and mindful manufacturing that have earned them an Ecovate certification and nomination for Eco Micro Business of the year.

This awareness extends to their clients and extended working family who also focus on reducing their environmental impact by taking an active role in protecting and cleaning up the environment. Together, they’re conscious of their carbon footprint in the world and want to leave a trail of sweet-smelling flowers behind them— not carbon. They also plant trees to offset any unavoidable footprint.


At Green Lens Studio, they believe that photography can be ethical, functional and beautiful. In 2009, they set out to design multi-functional photographic premises where aesthetics and social responsibility could be bedmates. Finding their home in a wonderfully restored stable warehouse in North London, they shoot and offer space for hire for photographic and video shoots. It mainly includes fashion and product photography, beauty, and editorials — all with daylight and blackout options in a charming historical setting.

With a comprehensive range of photographic services at their fingertips, they make the studio available for private hire with the use of camera and lighting equipment, backdrops and props.

What was your most recent project?

Last week we had Antibad shooting their look-book. Curated online store and magazine that brings together sustainable, contemporary clothing and accessories it is about to be launched on October the 1st. Bringing together inspiring, forward-thinking designers and providing an accessible alternative to fast fashion Antibad is a perfect example of the ideal client of Green Lens Studios and we are looking forward to seeing them growing fast and working with us soon again.

How did you hear about KitMapper?

One of the freelance content creators who we working with mentioned KitMapper in a conversation a couple of months ago and we absolutely loved the concept and have been using KitMapper since.

We are really liking the all the daylight continuous panels as a more energy saving option of continuous lights. We don’t stock much of contentious lighting at Green Lens at the moment and are hiring it often.




What kit do you have listed on KitMapper?


Whats the next step for Green Lens Studio?

We are due to launch a second location in East London which is a large shooting space with some really beautiful features and green rooms and client areas. Inter-connected spaces will be available for hire on their own or in combinations of 2–3 spaces allowing multiple sets.

Green Lens is acting as a Gallery Space and we are currently working on a photographic exhibition which will take place in the end of October. There are a few interesting events in the pipeline too including Wellness community networking even on 19th of October. Feel free to have a pick at our FB and Instagram pages and stop by to see the space.

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