New projects powered by KitMapper

It has been a busy month at KitMapper HQ here in Peckham — and for our users, who’ve been busy running and supporting a variety of great art shows and events.

In this post, we’re happy to be reporting on some of the projects that KitMapper has supported this month. We love seeing this happen right on our doorstep.

CRT displays for Max Eicke and Alice Bucknell during their joint exhibition Duplicities held at the Back Room Gallery in Holdrons Arcade as part of Peckham 24.
Projectors and media players for Ciarán Og Arnold’s display with Seen Fifteen.
We provided a boatload of projectors for Site : Work a collaboration between 8 artists, designers, musicians and writers : Tendayi Vine, Isobel Mei, Bea Wilson, Mike Barratt, Hans Lo, Rob Shuttleworth, Max Morris-Doherty and Roisin Dunnett as part of a visual and sonic journey through elemental environments created for Peckham Rye Music Festival.
KitMapper users connected Artsy with projectors for their Artsy Spring Party at the ICA. This was used as part of their Daata Editions display of works by Jacolby Satterwhite, Tracey Emin, Rashaad Newsome as well as Jonathan Monaghan, Sara Ludy, Davide Quayola (in collaboration with bitforms gallery).

Thanks to KitMapper listers Copperfield, SeenFifteen, Jake, Tenderpixel and Jones/Bulley for helping realise these projects. I also had a chance to rent out my kit!

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