How Photographers Can Hustle During The Holidays In London

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Some simple ways to make extra money during the winter months. It’s all about getting innovative with your kit and services.

While many people will be relaxing and winding down the year, you may be looking for ways to create different streams of income. Let’s face it, you’ve got presents to buy, bills to pay, and the tax man to appease. Though it may not be Summer, when young couples are getting married and commercial businesses need your services for their campaigns, these ideas could be advantageous for you. Let everyone roast chestnuts and sip mulled wine, you’ve got work to do!

Portrait shoots

You might shoot weddings on a consistent basis, which means that portraiture comes fairly natural to you. Why not contact some recent clients and see if they’re wanting to do Christmas Pictures or a New Year’s Eve shoot. This won’t take much of your time, maybe half of a Saturday afternoon. But you could end up selling a few images to people who’d be delighted you asked. Who doesn’t love capturing moments with their soulmates.

Become a second-shooter

Everyone is traveling right now. Some of your friends’ companies may be short-handed or other photographers might need some extra help with the shoots they have coming up. Use your network. You never know who is struggling with too much work, and it could be a good way for you to find new clients and even collaborate as well.

Shoot stock photography

Content marketers are always looking for imagery to add to their blogs and social media posts. If you are in a scenario depicting a topic that’s blogged about often, set-up your equipment and snap away. iStockPhoto and 500pxprovide a great opportunity to make some extra cash from your work.

List your camera and lenses

Let’s face it, you might not be using your equipment every day. With KitMapper you can rent your kit to other artists and control when you need it for your own projects and shoots. That way you can make money when you aren’t working. It’s the perfect way to get involved with the community near you and connect with other like-minded individuals.

With this list, hopefully you’ll find yourself with some positive cashflow, and able to enjoy the holidays and friends and family around you.

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