Presenting ‘Escape Engine’ a South Kiosk show produced by KitMapper


South Kiosk presents Escape Engine, a three person show featuring Myles Painter, Peter Burr and Dana Giurescu. Escape Engine considers the multiple forms of the desktop – from physical surface to virtual plane – and its overlap as a site of escape and a space of production. 

KitMapper had the opportunity to work with its sister gallery to help realise the show by providing kit. The exhibition is split into three parts.

Myles Painter’s Desktop Drama (2016), a film examining the space of a computer desktop transformed into a dramatic location for auto-didactism, while the studio desk itself acts as a stage for the sporadic artefacts of a frustrated and procrastinated studio practice. Among a mixture of 16mm film and digital footage, Desktop Drama lets these technological forms fight it out to seek validation in the age of digital. 

Peter Burr’s Descent, in collaboration with Mark Fingerhut and Forma, let’s the audience peer into a descent into the world of darkness for a user. The spiralling digital virus is one of humanity’s bleakest hours. This new perspective places you right in the desktop to find out what is really infesting your desktop as it destroys itself. 

Dana Giurescu’s Little Interludes uses CRT screens shifting between digital surfaces and musical compositions. This ongoing collection of everyday human experiences, Giurescu’s films form an intimate view of the though processes and encounters of a user.

Escape Engine can be seen from Thursday to Saturday from 12pm to 6pm until April 26th. Come along and bring your friends to this experience of digital forms at South Kiosk in the Bussey Building, Unit B1:1. 




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