Q & A With The Founder: How Did KitMapper Start?

You may have wondered- how did KitMapper start? We thought who better to tell you than the very man who created the platform, our Founder, Dave Charlesworth. We managed to grab him for a few minutes for a quick video interview— without a script or plan!

Would you believe Dave’s very precious Barco retro edge CRT Monitors kick-started the journey to what is now KitMapper? Dave explains all in the video above.

The most rewarding ventures begin from personal experience. As a result of Dave’s struggle and experiences with lack of funding within the creative industry; KitMapper has now become a form of part-time income for Listers and for Renters, and a platform creative can rely on when looking to hire kit at low-prices safely and quickly.

We want to make things happen by creating cheaper rental solutions for individuals and institutions, introducing new revenue streams for small and large businesses alike, and making every investment in equipment an investment that pays off.

If you want to be part of our creative community sign up and see how KitMapper can benefit you.

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