Sony A7s Road Test With Dad

A photo walk South of the Thames to test out Sony A7s mirrorless cameras and relive one of Dad’s passions which inspired my own.

Neil Charlesworth

My Dad, Neil, was always the family photographer. You would often find him packing his blue carry case with his trusty Pentax Super A, a camera I latterly adopted as my own at art school. Much of my work as an artist was inspired by time spent thumbing over old photos that he took during family trips, life events and business outings.

He would rarely claim to be a creative. But after a career in printing that began in his early teens, the reality is that he has spent a great majority of his life working with visual material from typesetting to dealing with images. His photographs always seem to find curious situations, bizarre totemic structures and an oddness and beauty in the framing that I immediately recognise to be his.

In recent years he has taken fewer and fewer photographs, often pointing to the increasingly bulky nature of modern DSLR Cameras. Dad’s birthday was quickly approaching and I wanted to do something just the two of us, that could inspire his old passion but also give us some quality time together. So I decided I would take Dad out for an afternoon testing out the Sony A7s, which is a comparatively lightweight but mirrorless camera. Borrowing cameras from KitMapper users Alex and Luke, we went on a wander from Borough to Shad Thames, talking and shooting. Here are just a couple of the images we shot.

Neil’s photos


Dave’s photos


Neil Charlesworth, b.1937 has worked extensively in print and publishing through a long and successful career.

Dave Charlesworth, b.1982 is the founder of KitMapper and maintains an art and curatorial practice.

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