Studio Giveaway Winners: Dora Larsen

Dora Larsen KitMapper

Meet the first winner of KitMapper’s Free London Studio Space & Kit Giveaway, Georgia Larsen. The creator of Dora Larsen, an experimental lingerie brand devoted to colour.

Georgia was one of the lucky winners who had free access to our London studio for a day! She used the studio to shoot their SS18 product shots, and also to take some images of their AW18 collection for the upcoming trade shows they have planned in London, Paris and across Germany.

Having been brought up in a design-obsessed family, with a surrealist painter for a father, Georgia’s fascination with aesthetics and colour was developed at a young age. We had a quick chat with her to find out more about her and Dora Larsen.

Model: Lucy Giles, Photo by Jake Westmoreland

What was the drive behind the creation of Dora Larsen?

I began working in the lingerie industry 7 years ago as a lingerie buyer for Topshop. I left my job 2 years ago to take the plunge and set up my own brand, after feeling like there were so many amazing swimwear brands and clothing brands that focused on great colour combinations, but nothing that did the same within lingerie. I also wanted to create something that every girl could access — so to include wired styles, non wired styles, pads, no pads, and try to make the size range as big as possible. We were really amazed by the reaction to our launch and are now stocked in over 60 stores across 20 countries!

Model: Lucy Giles, Photo by Jake Westmoreland

What part of a campaign do you enjoy working on?

Always love shooting for next collections, it’s so exciting to really get ‘in the zone’ and be creative for a few hours. Most of the time I’m dealing with account and wholesale emails, so it’s one of my favourite bits. We also produced a marketing campaign last summer called ‘Lingerie As Art’ where we asked a number of different photographers to take photos of the product in any way or setting they please. The photos we got back were amazing and so interesting to see how different people take a project in their own unique way.


What do you like about KitMapper?

It allows people to be flexible when they have jobs coming up, finding something in your location makes life a lot easier! It’s also nice to be able to connect all sorts of different people around the city, who otherwise wouldn’t know of each other.

Keep updated with Dora Larsen here.

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