Summer Installations With KitMapper Constructs

Gaika Boiler Room at Somerset House
This Summer we’ve found ourselves immersed in our own work, installations and varying collaborations around London. Using our kit has enabled us to do everything from a small to large events, where we can use our team of experts to realise the vision laid out by each of our KitMapper Constructs clients.
Whether a captivating visual projected onto gauze or building a scaffolding structure from the ground up, our installation consultancy projects continue to challenge and stretch the realm of how far we can transform a space into an immersive experience. 
Below you’ll find some of the projects we’ve been proud to see from idea phase through to teardown.

May 2018


Adidas x M&C Saatchi

In April of this year, KitMapper was commissioned by M&C Saatchi to provide a 360º video wall for Adidas. Using a variety of different CRT monitors and sizes—from our largest 28-inch Barcos to our smallest 9-inch Sonys—the vibrant display took centre stage at the event, as guests could sit around the monolithic video wall.
Analog Folk Installation
Analog Folk Installation Monitors

Analog Folk, Oval Space

As a  10 year anniversary celebration of their success, the creative agency Analog Folk tasked KitMapper, in collaboration with Jotta Studio, to produce an immersive video and light installation. Filling Oval Space, the installation transported the guests on a journey through the past, present and the future of the agency. The kit we used to bring the experience to life were a few CRTs, projectors and fluorescent tubes intersected and diffused by hanging gauze screens. 

4:3 Boiler Room, Swimming with Arthur Russell

As part of the launch of Boiler Room’s new platform for underground and archival film material, 4:3, KitMapper installed the multi-media exhibition Swimming with Arthur Russell throughout St. John on Bethnal Green Church, celebrating the life and work of musician Arthur Russell. Accompanying live acts, the exhibition displayed moving image, sound, photography and Russell’s personal letters. Exploring the intertwining themes and motifs of the musicians personal life and artistic practice, the space, material and display all contributed to a moving and fitting tribute to the life of a great and often unsung artist.

June 2018

Degree Show 2018

Royal College of Art, School of Communication Degree Show 2018

KitMapper was delighted to be invited back once again, to help curate and produce the Royal College of Art School of Communications Degree Show 2018. Taking place across multiple sites at West Works, White City Place, the scale and ambition of the students’ works proved a welcome challenge for the KitMapper curation and construction teams.
As is always the case with the postgraduate art and design school, the works existed over a multitude of  disciplines and conceptual standpoints. With this project it was vital to ensure that all involved were given the right attention and that the show maintain the critical engagement it has become synonymous with.

July 2018

Future Fest Imogen Heap

Mycelia Imogen Heap, Future Fest, Tobacco Docks

Working closely with curator Emma Houston, the KitMapper design team developed and helped install musician Imogen Heap’s Mycelia installation at this years Future Fest. The space offered an immersive showcase of the technologies and thinking behind Imogen’s continued mission to revolutionise the accessibility and transparency of the music industry.
Given the installation will be shown internationally, over forty different locations in the coming year, the design was crucially lightweight and DIY, offering local craftspeople and artisans to opportunity to add their own finish to the setup, wherever it might be. Predominately made of slender timbers, with an intricate lattice canopy of threads, Mycelia struck a balance between the natural and artificial as the sleek hardware merged with the surrounding structure.

August 2018

Gaika Boiler Room at Somerset House

Gaika Boiler Room Installation

GAIKA x Boiler Room, Somerset House Studios

KitMapper’s production management, design and construction of artist and musician GAIKA’s SYSTEM installation embodies much of the great collaborative work KitMapper has been doing over recent months. Working closely with the artist himself, in collaboration with Boiler Room and hosted by Somerset House Studios—of which GAIKA is artist in residence—we were also able to connect them with our trusted network of talented creatives by bringing in specialist sound engineers and art technicians.
As one of the most technically ambitious installations KitMapper have developed to-date. The black scaffolding structure at the centre of the installation houses a huge sound system, flanked by nine LED video wall screens and pulsating lights. Across the screens viewers are able to see fragments of archival material and captivating visuals, all uniquely responsive to the sounds playing live within the space.
We know there’s more to come, and we’re excited to see what the future holds as we continue to expand our services with KitMapper Constructs. If you’ve got an event or exhibition coming up, we’d love to work with you. Don’t be afraid to ask for our creative direction either. The nature of bringing your art or event to life will include cooperating with few who have a diverse portfolio of work and are able to transport your vision into reality. 
Contact us today at We’d be happy to help and point you in the right direction. 

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