How To Survive Art School: Take A Step Back, Work With Your Mates

Sometimes the best way re-inspire your creativity is to step back a bit. Frederick give us a little insight on not letting yourself be your own barrier.

A friend of KitMapper, Frederick Fuller is an artist & musician who lives and works in London. He is a Goldsmiths BA Fine Art graduate and has exhibited in Mexico City, Chicago, London and the around the UK. He’s also a musician. Frederick has played shows in Spain, Germany and toured the UK multiple times. The perspective he shares is quite diverse from other graduates as he lets his music fuel his art and visa versa.

1. What do you know now that you wish you would have known when you started Art School? What would you have done differently?

There isn’t really one thing I’d of done differently or anything singular that I would have of wished to know. More of a general feeling that maybe students can benefit from experience away from making art and trying to be an artist. It can be a very isolated thing making art and questioning yourself and being asked ‘why’ you’re making this or that all the time.

I feel that lots of students were always afraid to present their work when I was at university and afraid to make mistakes. Also, there wasn’t a direct experience with art galleries, art buyers or that side of things. Of course, you’d have to figure that out all by yourself. I’d of liked to have known more about the art market and how to present and market oneself when I was studying. That would have been helpful.

2. How did you get ambitious projects off the ground whilst at art school? What were the kinds of barriers that you faced?

I just asked friends for help. I remember recording music and sound pieces as art and finding my way. I’d go to my friends who were older and more experienced with film-making or music recording and get them to help me. I always find cool stuff happens when you’re creating something with your mates, rather than laboriously attempting something yourself and failing. Sometimes the barrier is yourself.

3. What do you do now?

I still make art, I’ll be finding some shows to submit to, or just put one on myself once my work gets back from the framers. Like I was saying before, work with your mates: Simon at Peckham Pictures frames all my stuff now, whom I’ve known since I was 16-years-old from Leeds Art College.

I switch my spare time up between doing that and playing in bands. I released an album with my band Kurtz this year called Made of Waves featuring some great musicians from the London scene, some of whom I met at Goldsmiths. I’ve just moved into a new studio to make the whole process of writing, recording and putting out music much quicker for my music projects, and to just get more of a scene going with the other musicians I know using the space.

Another band I play bass in called This be the Verse has just released its debut album and got some great reviews from the mainstream rock press. You can find some examples of art and music over on my site.


It’s exciting to see the diversity of artists that KitMapper brings together. We hope that Frederick’s story is a bit of motivation for yourself to get with your mates and create something meaningful. Maybe that will take you stepping outside of your practice for a while, trying something new, then coming back inspired to continue on. Stay tuned otoFrederick’s site and instagram to find out if either Kurtz or This be the Verse is gigging near you!

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