Top 8 Tech Companies Disrupting How Films Are Made

Top 8 Tech Companies Disrupting How Films Are Made

From funding to post production, these tech companies are setting filmmakers up perfectly into a more accessible and affordable film industry.

It’s no surprise that filmmaking is changing from it’s traditional form. Tech companies are starting to disrupt how films are made on a global scale. From finding funding to location scouting, there seems to be a service for every phase of the process, all the way through to post production.

Here are 8 services accelerating the film industry in a positive way.

  1. Indiegogo — A great script is just that until there is some financial backing to make an idea reality. Indiegogo has now coined itself the go-to crowdfunding platform for film on a global scale. To date, they have helped film campaigns raise more than $21 million.
  2. iMakr — Production design costs are cut into a fraction of usual budgets with 3D printing technology. Props and other pieces for the set can now be replaced with custom made 3D printed pieces that are designed, printed and then assembled. For a production designer, this technology enables sophisticated detailing, and a flexibility that hasn’t yet been offered to date.
  3. HireSpace — Proposing London as ‘one big film set’, this team of venue experts have curated a list of filming locations that would make your jaw drop. You may have even spotted some of their venues on the big screen. Their team makes it super simple. All you have to do is send them your brief, and they’ll get back to you with bespoke suggestions suitable for your film.
  4. Airbnb — Many shorts and full feature films have even gone to Airbnb for shooting locations. Often times all you have to do is get the shoot approved by the host. Technically you should always get a location release from the host, but most people just tend to just add a little fee on the top of renting the house. The best news is, your crew can even sleep there at the end of the night. What a win-win.
  5. KitMapper — So you’ve got the money for the film, the props, a location, now you just need some kit. KitMapper is the perfect place to source all of your kit for a film. Whether it’s a dry or wet film camera hire, lighting, a dolly and track, or some boom mics, KitMapper has you covered. The best part is you can rent flexibly and find kit right in your area without the hassle of paperwork and insurance like you’d need with a traditional rental house.
  6. Zync — Moving on to post production, smaller studios are now finding ways to become competitive in the industry. With cloud computing, crews don’t need to have a server farm in house. They simply use Zync as an outsourced cloud platform for all of their rendering and file sharing needs. This allows for Directors to source the best talent from all over the world. They can work with a production team in LA, shoot in London, and have post done in Romania, Canada or China.
  7. Indee — This secure screening platform allows you to send your film to prospects around the world without having to fear it being leaked. You’ll easily be able to get an in-depth performance analysis on your films from their online market test screeners. You’re even able to get the film into the hands of critics and press while still knowing your film is protected.
  8. Headbox — Last but not least, the screening. With Headbox you’re given the option to book various screening rooms throughout London of varying prices. This is completely customisable for the type of venue and ambiance you are looking for to premiere your film.

Bringing the filmmaking process to completion, these 8 tech companies have created a pathway for the filmmakers to keep creating without limits. Today it is quicker and easier to get your projects off the ground and in front of an audience with little risk involved. The next step for you, get started.

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