How to travel the world as a Filmmaker

Being a filmmaker comes with its challenges and many benefits. KitMapperwants to celebrate the benefits of being a filmmaker, more specifically how the travel industry goes hand in hand with a filmmaker’s lifestyle. Whether you’re working on small independent projects or for a large company, we recommend taking up a project abroad.



Where’s that backpack?

Often companies will want to promote their locations by sending shooters to capture nearby hidden gems. If you’ve had the privilege of working for the travel industry, you’ve most probably experienced working as a filmmaker in many different countries, with a fair bit of travelling. If you’re a filmmaker looking for the tourist lifestyle, be accessible and you’re off to a good start!



Be Creative

Bring your creativity to the shoot. Your client will be looking to attract travellers by selling through exciting and creative content and images. Have in-depth knowledge on how to harness indoor natural lighting to bring out the most out of shoots. Whether it is for a special occasion abroad or a huge client – know and research your project specifications to bring out your most creative side.


There’s a lot of work abroad

There will be enough work to go around as there are many travel industry clients, whether it’s for promotional videos, TV adverts, Youtube adverts, social media content… many require a lot of work.

Receiving travel industry work is great, however, if you achieve an exclusive relationship with a big company, you are more than likely to have variety of work coming through. They will usually require video services for many different situations, if you understand their brand you will become their first point of call, meaning you will not be short of work for years to come. Have an open mind you never know where and what client it can lead you to.


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